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What we offer

  • Integration packages: As a drone manufacturer, UGV manufacturer or system integrator, you can buy engineering packages to integrate the D-LOG One station with your product offering.

  • Tailored D-LOG One: You can buy a ready-to-use D-LOG One station that has already been adaptated to a drone and/or vehicle type. Swapping batteries as a base functionality, it can either be aquired as a stationary module (D-LOG One) or as a module that can be integrated to a UGV, a ground vehicle or a naval ship (D-LOG One Vehicle Payload).

D-LOG One drone ground handling logistical station - advanced droneport
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D-LOG One UGV Payload - mobile ground drone maintenance station
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  • ​​Options: It can be upgraded with one or several of these options: CS (Captor Swapping), that swaps sensors, cameras & other captors ; RS (Refill System), that refills fuel, treatment liquids & seeds ; S (Shipping), a parcel management system.

  • ​​Professional Services: As a D-LOG One owner, you'll be able to subscribe to maintenance contracts, aftermarket parts, training & station network sofware licenses.

For complex & critical autonomous missions requiring long endurance & continuous flight in the fields of : Public & Private Security, Search & Rescue, Agriculture & Viticulture, Construction & Industrial Inspection, Peacekeeping & Defense, Deliveries & Transports.

Are you interested in receiving more in-depth info​ about our solutions?
Our team is ready to answer questions specific to your needs.


Dpendent - automated drone missions


D-LOG One automates the different phases necessary for the success of the missions of your drones. 

Dpendent - communication with the drone via interface and data collecting


D-LOG One communicates with the drone and synchronizes the data collected during the flight. 

Dpendent - logistical drone battery-swapping & payload manipulation


D-LOG One swaps batteries, refills treatment fluids, seed, manages parcels or other payload of your drone. 

Dpendent - compatibility with all types of drones, drone agnostic


D-LOG One allows all types of drones to use its technology. 

< 60 s.

Dpendent - drone maintenance & logistics in less than 60 seconds


D-LOG One allows your drone to be operational after less than 60 seconds of immobilization. 



D-LOG One allows you to manage, control and monitor your real-time network. 


At Dpendent, our philosophy is and will always be to provide our customers and partners with the most complete and flexible solution. We've therefore made our Unmanned Ground Handling Stations (UGHS) compatible with most existing UAVs and autopilots, and we will constantly be on the lookout to adapt and reprogram our robotics when new technologies arise. This will allow you total freedom when choosing which type of drone is most suited for your present and future operations, without having to change your ground infrastructures. 


Fixed Wing


Dpendent - Helicopter drone compatibility


Dpendent - Tricopter drone compatibility


Dpendent - Quadcopter drone compatibility


Dpendent - Hexacopter drone compatibility


Dpendent - Octocopter drone compatibility


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