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Dpendent CONOPS - Unmanned Drone Ground Handling (UGHS) for military & defense tactical complex missions

Rethink drone-based peacekeeping operations in the safest and most efficient way

  • Our solution will allow them to be entirely carried out from an operations' center, thus removing any risks encountered by maintenance operators.

  • The options to shield and mount our D-LOG One station on UGVs will ensure minimal time-loss for all resupplying needs, our mobile station being able to follow UAVs just like an aircraft carrier follows jet fighers.

  • A network of Unmanned Ground Handling Stations (UGHS) working as pit-stops can be organized, thus offering endless mobility possibilities.

The mobile version of our station, "D-LOG One Vehicle Payload", mounted on a UGV.

D-LOG One Vehicle Payload - Drone logistics station mountable on an unmanned ground vehicle

Are you a drone manufacturer/user wanting to step up to the next level of autonomy by integrating our system?
Our team is ready to answer questions specific to your needs.


Dpendent - Additional infos main capabilities

D-LOG One Vehicle Payload - Demo
Mobile Unmanned Drone Ground Handling Station

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