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Automate your inspection operations & be able to perform them 24/7 in a safer way

  • Drones are transforming construction, energy & industrial infrastructure inspection. With the variety of sensors at their disposal, they can detect anomalies (leaks, cracks, electrical issues, ...). They optimize mappingremote monitoringgas emissions tracking, ... and can capture data in hazardous and challenging-to-reach locations. Adopting a drone-based solution will enable you to spare the costs for on site manual inspection & surveying, helicopters & scaffoldings, to achieve a significant acceleration of the operations & to improve workers' safety.

  • Our solution will enable you to swap batteries, cameras & sensors in less than a minute, hence reducing the immobilization time of your drones to a minimum, aiming for maximal productivity. Moreover, you'll be able to monitor your data easily & conveniently through our interface & its communication system, as well as deploy drones remote & on demand from your command center.

Dpendent Drone Independent System - Drone Manufacturer.png
  • A network of Unmanned Ground Handling Stations (UGHS) working as pit-stops can be organized, thus endlessly extending the distances you can cover (for instance to inspect an oil pipeline or railways with one single set of drones).

Are you a drone manufacturer/user wanting to step up to the next level of autonomy by integrating our system?
Our team is ready to answer questions specific to your needs.


Dpendent - autonomous inspection of a pipeline with drones and ground infrastructures
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