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Enabling True Drone Autonomy 

Today, drones are reshaping our world. Yet, there are still major drawbacks to their widespread deployment: their autonomy and the complexity of real-life situations ... Given that their flight autonomy rarely exceeds 30 minutes, they require frequent, time and money consuming ground handling done by operators for battery-swapping and payload manipulation. Indeed, as low as only 20% of their missions are carried out independently. Risky contexts, harsh natural conditions and the foreseeable lack of skilled trained pilots also add to the need for the fastest, most flexible and most precise unmanned support. Dpendent has engaged itself to turn things around. Drones too deserve their automation and autonomy revolutions!

Located in Switzerland, nicknamed the "Drone Valley" due to its concentration of competencies and talents in the drone industry, our company has developed the concept of Unmanned Ground Handling Station (UGHS), materialized in our D-LOG ONE logistics station. We want to offer our clients the optimal value proposition : time efficiency, focus on high-value activities, continuous 24/7 flight,  full compatibility and interoperability with all drone types, and increased mobility. Always eager to innovate, and willing to provide all sectors of activity with the most complete and adaptative solutions on the market, that can be relied on even for complex and critical missions, we are constantly striving to add new features like the possibility to mount our stations on UGVs and many others. 

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