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Preview of our Refill Station

Updated: May 14, 2021

Here is a preview of our "Refill Station" which has been developed to simplify, secure, make pleasant and quicken the logistics of all types of spraying UAVs. This solution also makes it possible to recover 100% of the potential liquid spill during refill and to carry out the final cleaning after the use of the UAV. Thus sparing nature and users.

Our partner Aero41 Ltd came to test it and we are happy to announce that the tests are conclusive!

Moreover, our "Refill Station" is the first step before the launch of our latest innovation, the D-LOG ONE RS station, which is a 100% automated station allowing 24/7/365 or on-demand spraying drone deployment, fully autonomously. This station will not only automate the refilling of liquids, but will also replace the batteries. For field crops, several stations can be installed, allowing the drones to work in swarms and continuously over longer distances.

We will come back to you soon with some more!


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