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Ground handling stations & drone piloting

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

In the coming years, drone piloting will definitively experience transformations in conjunction with the increased automatization of operations, as well as with the introduction of new legislations (notably the long-awaited authorization of BVLOS flight & the regulation of a common airspace for drones). Further technological developments for piloting assistance will also add to these trends.

Solutions like our own D-LOG One ground handling station will not engender a disappearance of the pilot job, but in fact an evolution by enabling battery & payload swapping remotely through communication interfaces. Pilots won’t manage only one drone from the ground anymore (in VLOS or VLOS + EVLOS) – they will be able to manage multiple drones from command centers. We can even wager that this process will create new & more interesting jobs. Let’s imagine for instance a truck driver working in deliveries retraining to become a drone network operator!

We would also like to salute the wonderful work done by Swiss drone piloting schools that offer professional training, to keep up with the constant evolution of regulations & technology in order to deliver adequate licenses:

In our next post, we will discuss norms & regulations more thoroughly. They will get more precise over time, and thus more standardization of licenses will result from this trend. Stay tuned!


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