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Demo of the D-LOG One UGV Payload prototype at HEIG-VD

Critical drone operations in complex environments require the fastest, most flexible, and most precise support. And this is exactly what Dpendent intends to offer to face the demanding challenges that will be met in real-life situations!

Indeed, we’ve done a demo of our mobile Unmanned Drone Ground Handling Station (UGHS), the D-LOG One UGV Payload, earlier this month at the HEIG-VD in Yverdon (CH).

All the features of our prototype could be demonstrated, as shown in our video. First, the automated battery-swapping with our advanced robotics arms, enabling minimal time loss in immobilization. Second, all types of takeoff and landing, in fixed position and in movement, with the help of the LoLaS precision tools from Internest, as well as the automated flight accomplished with Embention’s M600WP drone and Veronte autopilot. Third, its mobility possibilities, even on rugged terrain, thanks to our damping and level correction systems, here with the AR-Tour UGV co-conceived by RUAG and Pulsed Power Systems.

Are you interested in integrating our solution with your drone or vehicle? Or in buying this complete system combining the most advanced technologies from various international partners? Please contact us at

Special thanks also to the people who participated to the demo: Prof. Marc Kunze and Yves Chevallier, Embention’s engineer José Carlos Jaén Ruiz, as well as Malika Probst, Laurent Ruchat and Altidrone.


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