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Demo of the D-LOG One's main functionalities in Aran-Villette (CH)

Dpendent has successfully performed a demo of its D-LOG One unmanned drone ground handling station’s main functionalities. The fast battery-swapping was exhibited, as well as the secure landing & takeoff, enabling drones to be operational and fly again in a short amount of time. The demo took place mid-August in Aran-Villette, in the heart of the Lavaux vineyard region (Switzerland), where the idea originated.

Aiming to enable 24/7 continuous flight & a cost-effective solution, the D-LOG One offers a fully automated replacement solution of batteries & payload in less than a minute. Further options are in development to cope with several mission types and the specific payload they require (sensors, treatment liquids, fuel, seeds, parcels, ...). The station can be made compatible with all types of professional drones through an adaptation of its robotics, as showcased in the demo with the M600WP from partner company Embention, which has been integrated to the D-LOG One. The Veronte autopilot (also from Embention) ensures a fully automated flight in BVLOS-like conditions. The smooth and secure landing is done with the Lolas (Local Landing System) from partner Internest, while Dpendent’s docking system ensures optimal positioning for battery-swapping and takeoff.

Dpendent is a startup based in Switzerland, nicknamed the "Drone Valley" due to its concentration of competencies and talents in the drone industry. Revolving around a core of engineers and businessmen, the team collaborates with high-tech academic institutions (HEIG-VD & CSEM) for technological developments. In 2021, it has been granted a seed by the FIT (Fondation pour l’Innovation Technologique), certifying it as one of Switzerland’s most promising startup companies.

Special thanks to:

Arnaud Rouèche from Drone Précision Suisse and Sébastien Ruttimann for their expert filmmaking.

Laurent Ruchat from Altidrone, the pilot, for his skillful work.

Frédéric Testuz and Domaine Famille Testuz for their warm reception and the quality of their wine products.

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