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Deftech Days : D-LOG One adaptation on a UGV presented

Good news!

We presented, at the Deftech days organized by Armasuisse W+T, the adaptation project of our D-LOG ONE station on the Garm II UGV developed by RUAG International and Office fédéral de l'armement armasuisse in the ARCHE (Advanced Robotic Capabilities for Hazardous Environments) initiative. This complete groundbreaking solution allows remote, on demand or continuous deployment of a UAV for monitoring, delivery, analysis, transmission or search and rescue. The perfect combination of the UGV and the UAV through our D-LOG ONE station will enable a 100% autonomous solution. This « world-première » allows our customers to protect humans in case of intervention in dangerous environments or automating transmission, surveillance, delivery and search & rescue.

Thanks to all of you, with whom we shared a pleasant moment! :

Simon Johnson, Python Christian, Cyril Mugglin, Thomas Nussbaumer, Manfred Bacher, Hans-Christian Stuber, Andreea Perca, Michael Anger, Quentin Ladetto, Ulrich Langer, Markus (Mark) Hoepflinger, Kai Holtmann, Roser Roca Toha, andy elson, Paolo Brianzoni, Markus Peichl, Amanda Boekholt, Patrick Lelièvre, Esra Ozkan, Mikkel Vestergaard, Berger Nicole, Michel Masselin, Florian Nikodem, Léonard Bouygues, Vetterli Adolf


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