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Call for Integrators!

CALL FOR INTEGRATORS! Are you wanting to step up to the next level of autonomy by integrating the most complete battery & payload swapping solution for drones on the market, our D-LOG One Unmanned Ground Handling Station (UGHS)?

As a drone manufacturer, UGV manufacturer, naval ship manufacturer or system integrator, you can buy engineering packages to integrate the D-LOG One station with your product offering, as our philosophy will always be to offer a drone & task agnostic solution that can be adapted to most UAVs, making them compatible through a tailored reprogramming of our robotics.

Through its advanced robotics arms, our station offers battery swapping as a base functionality, a solution which is dramatically faster than the time-consuming recharging station. It can be acquired as a static module (“D-LOG One”) or as a module that can be integrated to a UGV, a ground vehicle or a naval ship, thanks to its level-correction & damping system, thus rendering it mobile (“D-LOG One Vehicle Payload”). Finally, it can be upgraded with one or several of these options for payload management:

1) CS (“Captor Swapping”), that swaps sensors, cameras & other captors.

2) RS (“Refill System”), that refills fuel, treatment liquids & seeds.

3) S (“Shipping”), a parcel management system.

Please visit our products' page & contact us for more info about our products & integration packages:



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