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1st demo of our mobile station, "D-LOG One UGV Payload", at ARCHE 2021

We’ve done a first demo of our revolutionary mobile station, the “D-LOG One UGV Payload”, at the ARCHE (Advanced Robotic Capabilities for Hazardous Environments) week!

Our product, the “D-Log One UGV Payload”, is the adaptation of our Unmanned drone Ground Handling Station (UGHS) concept that can be mounted on a UGV, the AR-Tour from our partner Pulsed Power Systems AG. This combination will create a mobile solution for drone maintenance, allowing battery-swapping and payload manipulation in less than a minute and remote, enabling drones to work in swarms with the station following them at the nearest position, and eliminating any needs for ground operators (and therefore the risks these would take). Indeed, this will boost efficiency, quickness and security at levels yet unseen for drone operations, even in contexts and environments with complex requirements!

This is only a preview, as we will realize a couple more complete demos in a few weeks, that will include Embention’s M600+ drone and Veronte autopilot taking off and landing, guided by Internest’s precision landing tools, thus demonstrating the complete mobile drone system built through our international collaboration. Stay tuned!

Many thanks to Kai Holtmann, Markus Höpflinger and Armasuisse for their smooth and efficient organization!


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