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Applications of the D-LOG One: 4) Inspection (Energy, Industry & Construction)

Dernière mise à jour : 13 sept. 2022

What is the future of drone inspection missions for energy, industry & construction? As we all know, drones provide a better alternative in terms of time, money & safety compared to helicopters, scaffoldings, etc. With the variety of cameras & sensors at their disposal, they can detect anomalies, carry out measurements & provide real-time monitoring. Fully automating this process will make it even more cost- and time-efficient.

That’s why Dpendent has developed its D-Log One Unmanned Drone Ground Handling Station (UGHS), whose advanced robotics infrastructure quickly swaps batteries to ensure continuous 24/flight, aiming for maximal productivity. Its Captor Swapping (CS) option enables to change captors, cameras & sensors for the different duties that need to be performed. Its secure encrypted mesh IP link communication system allows to conveniently monitor all the data remotely from an operations’ center, as well as deploy drones on demand. Finally, a network of D-LOG One stations working as pit-stops can be established to cover larger infrastructures, as exemplified in the attached image with the case of an oil pipeline.

Are you a drone manufacturer/user wanting to step up to the next level of autonomy by integrating our system? Please visit our website for more info on our inspection concept & our products:


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