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Applications of the D-LOG One: 2) Peacekeeping & Defense

Dernière mise à jour : 13 sept. 2022

What is the future of peacekeeping & defense drone missions in a world of escalating tensions, yet with growing needs for maximal safety & efficiency? One thing is certain - these complex & critical operations will be unmanned and autonomous in the hostile & demanding environments where they take place, thus requiring the highest degree of ground support.

That’s why Dpendent has developed its D-Log One Unmanned Drone Ground Handling Station (UGHS), that not only swaps the batteries & other useful payload quickly, enabling continuous 24/7 flight, but is also able to function fully autonomously, being remotely managed from an operations’ center through a secure encrypted mesh IP link communication system (thus avoiding the risks ground operators would have taken). Furthermore, our mobile option “Vehicle Payload” enables to mount the D-LOG One on UGVs and naval ships, allowing it to follow the drones to the nearest possible point, thus limiting any time loss that would have occurred when resupplying. Finally, a network of stations working as pit-stops can be established, extending the range of operations to virtually infinite distances.

Are you a drone manufacturer/user wanting to step up to the next level of autonomy by integrating our system? Please visit our website for more infos on our peacekeeping & defense concept, and on our mobile option:

Dpendent is currently fundraising. If you want to join the journey, a few tickets are still available. Please feel free to reach out:


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