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Recap - Ecosystems we've associated with

We’d like to take a moment to thank the ecosystems we associated with for their wonderful work to move the drone industry forward. Whether they provide networking opportunities, economical promotion, centralized information, help to tackle regulatory or environmental challenges, they make us all stronger & more united!

- Drone Industry Association Switzerland (DIAS) represents, supports, defends and promotes Swiss drone companies that offer and export drone-related products and services. It embraces the safe use of drones and seeks to accelerate their acceptance and adoption, engaging with other associations and groups facing similar challenges.

- SUSI (Swiss U-Space Implementation) is a public-private partnership between the Federal Office of Civil Aviation Switzerland (FOCA), the Swiss air navigation provider Skyguide and a varied range of industry stakeholders, with the overarching goal to integrate drones into the airspace in a safe and secure way, enforcing collaboration, pushing progress, quality and innovation.

- Home of Drones aims to inform about the Swiss drone ecosystem by presenting articles about the various actors and showcasing some of the drones that fly in the Swiss sky. It is managed by Presence Switzerland, the unit of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs in charge of promoting Switzerland’s image abroad.

- CleanTechAlps (Western Switzerland Cleantech Cluster) aims to promote Western Switzerland as a European center of excellence for clean technologies that help protecting & conserving natural resources, in order to encourage the development of its companies and research organizations, giving them visibility, support and networking opportunities.

- Drone Logistics Ecosystem (DLE) is a free-of-charge ecosystem with a primary focus on stimulating innovation and commercialization in the drone logistics industry. It encourages multidisciplinary collaborations (Industry-University-Public-Investment) through joint-product development, cross-border market access/promotion, investment, consulting & contract manufacturing.

- Alliance for New Mobility Europe (AME) is an alliance for all aerial mobility stakeholders in Europe, suppliers and users, private and public, bringing them new markets & business opportunities, with a focus on integrating UAVs and VTOLs into aviation and other ecosystems, by developing all necessary rulemaking and standards, seen as the key enabler for opening of markets and scaling of business.

Special thanks to all these amazing people for their contribution to the drone ecosystem: Adam Klaptocz (RigiTech), Ali Jahanshahi (DLE), Amanda Boeckholt, Anita Clerc (Presence Switzerland), Benoît Curdy, Christoph Raab (AME), Eszter Kovacs (Manageld), Frédéric Hemmeler (Aero41), Gary Vermaak, Kevin Sartori (Auterion), Nicolas Bideau, Quentin Collet (Aero41), Rik Westerink (DLE), Simon Johnson (OpenStratosphere), Thierry Bujard (Hepia)


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