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Our Communication System

Our D-LOG battery & payload swapping station enables remote monitoring of autonomous drone operations and even their expansion by using networks of stations. But how does the communication between the command center and the D-LOG One(s) works exactly? Here’s the answer.

3 technologies can be used, depending mostly on the distances with the command center:

1) on short distances, 4x4 MIMO tracking antenna system, using a few relay antennas if necessary to link the command center to the station(s).

2) on longer distances, satellite or 5G (Internet) will be used to interact with the first station, which then communicates with the other stations through the MIMO system.

Our D-LOG One stations will be equipped with MeshUltra™, that leverages Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology to increase spectral efficiency and link robustness. At the forefront of technology, the Mesh system was conceived to enable the highest level of reliability for the most demanding aerial, maritime and terrestrial operations, ensuring the most robust link possible under all conditions, even the most challenging.

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