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Drone & Task Agnostic Compatibility

As a drone manufacturer, UGV manufacturer, naval ship manufacturer or system integrator, you can buy engineering packages to integrate the D-LOG One station with your product offering, as our philosophy will always be to offer a drone & task agnostic solution that can be adapted to most UAVs and autopilots, making them compatible through a tailored reprogramming of our robotics. This will allow you total freedom when choosing which type of drone is most suited for your present and future operations, without having to change your ground infrastructures.

Thanks to its advanced robotics arms, our station offers battery swapping as a base functionality (no recharging delay), as well as payload swapping adapted to the type of mission you are performing (sensors, treatment liquids, seeds, fuel, parcels, supplies, ...), thus enabling 24/7 continuous autonomous operations. It can be acquired as a static module or as a mobile module that can be integrated to a UGV, a ground vehicle or a naval ship, thanks to its level-correction & damping system.

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