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Complete drone system through international collaboration

Dernière mise à jour : 11 oct. 2021

It is a great pleasure to announce our impending project to create the most complete drone system, based on a vast European collaboration ! It will combine autonomy with the best mobility and landing capabilities for maximal productivity and security.

It will consist of 4 main elements :

- Dpendent (Switzerland) will provide their D-LOG One Unmanned Ground Handling Station (UGHS), that offers all types of drones a replacement solution in less than one minute of their batteries and payload, allowing them to safely carry out their mission 24/7 fully autonomously.

- Embention (Spain) will add their M600+ Drone, customizable for various applications (surveillance, mapping, spraying and others), as well as their Veronte Autopilot, designed for the autonomous control of drones.

- Internest (France) will come up with their high-accuracy landing system, LoLaS (Local Landing System), that provides an accurate and reliable positioning information no matter the visibility, the weather or the environment.

- Pulsed Power Systems AG and Ruag (Switzerland) will contribute with their Garm III Unmanned Ground Vehicle.

The optimal combination, even for the most complex missions in the most hazardous conditions !

We’ll come back soon with more news on this ongoing project …


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