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Applications of the D-LOG One: 3) Public & Private Security

Aktualisiert: 13. Sept. 2022

What is the future of public & private security drone missions? How can ground infrastructures help them reach true autonomy, thus making them more efficient, safer & lower their costs? In these critical contexts, drones need to resupply as fast as possible to maintain continuous 24/7 flight, yet also need the highest degree of flexibility & responsiveness when an emergency occurs.

That’s why Dpendent has developed its D-Log One Unmanned Drone Ground Handling Station (UGHS) to improve the effectiveness of drone operations in law enforcement, firefighting, search & rescue, private security, border control, etc. Indeed, its advanced robotics infrastructure quickly swaps batteries & other useful payloads (sensors, cameras, emergency packages, etc.), ensuring continuous unmanned operations. Its secure encrypted mesh IP link communication system enables all inputs & data monitoring to be remotely managed from an operations’ center, as well as instant drone deployment for emergencies. The option to mount the D-LOG One on UGVs or naval ships allows it to follow swarms of drones, even in hazardous environments like natural disasters or industrial accidents, where ground operators would have been endangered otherwise. Finally, a network of stations working as pit-stops can be established to extend the range of operations to larger areas (vast industrial complexes, whole cities, borders, …).

Are you a drone manufacturer/user wanting to step up to the next level of autonomy by integrating our system? Please visit our website for more infos on our public & private security concept, and on our mobile option:

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